Our Coffee

Coffee Guru Premium Blend

Coffee has its origins in Ethopia and so we thought it fitting to choose Arabica beans from this region to form the basis of our Premium Blend. It gives our coffee a great, earthy body.

The inclusion of a fine Robusta coffee from India enriches this blend, while the other Arabica coffees from Central and South America and Uganda add complexity.
Our Premium Blend coffee is bold but not bitter and has a long caramel finish.
At source, all our coffees are fairly traded and are often certified organic and rainforest alliance as well.

We monitor climate conditions at our roastery, store raw coffees in food grade silos, roast in small batches, include roast dates and taste coffees. We roast on a daily basis to ensure it reaches you in perfect condition.

Single origin – Guatemala

Guatemala coffees are renowned for their aromatic flavours and rich mouth-feel. Our roasting style produces fruity citrus aromas combined with rich full-bodied complex flavours

Single Origin – Brazilian

Brazil is by far the world’s largest producer of coffee that is typically low in acidity and full bodied. Our Brazilian coffee originates from Santos region and is medium roasted to highlight the smooth caramel flavours

Single Origin – Colombian

Our Colombian coffee is roasted between a medium and high roast level to achieve a very aromatic coffee with rich and intense berry flavours. As you might expect, this coffee has a high level of acidity and pronounced brightness